Posted on 18th June 2021

Biomechanics courses for riders

Matrix Riding off the horse, is a groundbreaking unmounted biomechanics course aimed at all levels and abilities of riders. Our mission is to assist riders in establishing correct symmetry and movement patterns to enable them to be more self-aware, balanced, confident and straight on the horse.

Riders today are intelligent, they want to know the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’, and we are all seeking that seemingly elusive ‘perfection’ of perfect balance and harmony between ourselves and our horse. Furthermore awareness of welfare and impact on the horse has increased, riders are more concerned about what impact their riding has on their horse and are looking for different ways in which they can improve their horse’s happiness as well as their way of going. Born from this is a new holistic and ethical riding approach which Matrix Riding off the horse, is tapping into.

At Matrix Riding off the horse we provide an easy-to-understand unmounted equestrian biomechanics course that is inclusive to all. Our mission is to assist riders no matter what level to become more confident, balanced and straight by mastering correct riding body patterns.

Who can join?

The course is wholly inclusive; 17 – 70 year old horse riders, from beginner through to advanced, those returning to riding, leisure riders or those out competing and across all disciplines including para riding, eventing, dressage, showing and show jumping.

Benefits for riders

  • Increase confidence, balance and harmony with your horse
  • Increase self-awareness of symmetry and straightness
  • Improve understanding of equestrian biomechanics
  • Develop and improve feel
  • Master correct riding movement patterns and posture
  • Improve competition scores
  • Understand how to positively improve your horse’s way of going


Rider analysis is conducted off the horse. A series of simple, easy to understand exercises based on fundamental riding position are used to teach riders how to be more self-aware and develop correct movement patterns. Deep learning theory is used to create forever habits that can be then used when mounted.

Currently courses are being scheduled for the summer months 2024.  Call Julie to be put onto the waiting list.

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