Why choose a Smart saddle?

SMART™ saddles are made utilising SMART™ FlexTech Technology; a patented, fully flexible, impact absorbing system to ensure changes in horse back shape and muscle dimension can be accommodated throughout a horses’ lifetime – promoting long-term good back health without the restrictions of a rigid saddle tree.

All SMART™ saddles are made using premium leathers, sourced in the UK. The pre-oiled saddle flap leather is soft and malleable straight away, complementing the fully flexible saddle design and not requiring any ‘breaking in’, whilst a soft calfskin leather is used for the seat and knee flaps; the matt, non-slip finish ensures the rider is instantly comfortable and feels secure in the saddle.  

SMART saddles should be regularly maintained using the SMART Leather Care Kit to keep your saddle in optimum condition and protect it from the elements. 

Explore the SMART™ Elite Event saddle features below; zoom in, 360 view and click on the hot-spots to find out more.


Constructed using a patented layering system of variable density materials, the fully flexible SMART™ saddles are resilient and maintain their shape, even when rider weight is applied.

As the horse moves and the scapula rotates, it will slide under the flexible base panel of a SMART™ saddle, resulting in increased saddle stability. Whilst a treed saddle may rock from side to side, lift at the back or sit unevenly to one side with the movement of the horse, a SMART™ saddle will flex around the trunk of the horse and move with the back – enhancing horse and rider synchrony for optimal performance.

Responsive features

  • Fully flexible lateral base panels
    – designed to engage with the horse’s long back muscle either side of the spine; fitted with a close contact, the panels flex independently with the movement of the horse to enable freedom of the shoulder, back and trunk, whilst supporting the rider in the saddle.
  • Responsive gullet
    – can expand or contract to however wide or narrow the shape of the horse’s back, without pinching.
  • Self-tensioning girthing system
    – provides freedom of movement and stability throughout the stride cycle of the horse.


The unique design can accommodate horses that are difficult to fit, have existing saddle or performance related problems or give young horses a good start and room to develop and mature without restriction.

One SMART™ saddle can be easily adapted to fit several horses and to allow for changes in shape through the season, without the need for reflocking. With no head plate to adjust or flocking to alter, SMART™ saddles simply flex-to-fit around the horses back contours, whatever their conformation.

Optimal saddle fit and balance is achieved through the use of our Easy-fit SMART™ balance pad system and adjustable SMART™ knee and thigh blocks; enabling the rider to not only choose the shape and size of knee block that suits them best, but to also position them accurately in order to achieve customised support. For multi-discipline riders, the block can be changed between flatwork and jumping to promote effective riding between disciplines.

Horse and Rider Safety

In the event of a rotational fall, pioneering SMART™ FLEXTech™ technology offers unrivalled safety for both horse and rider, thanks to its unique fully deformable structure…

Whereas the frame of a solid and inflexible traditional saddle poses a real risk of exacerbating injury, particularly in instance of a rotational fall, the compressible layers of a SMART™ saddle will flex and absorb impact, reducing the trauma an injury. Whether you’re an elite eventer or a happy hacker, the advent of the fully flexible saddle offers remarkable levels of safety for all equestrians.

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